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There’s a lot to be said for video logging – or vlogging. For some, it’s the easier alternative to letting other people in on your life through the blogging platform; for those who don’t like to sit down and type out what they want others to know, it can be a lot easier just to shoot a simple video. It gives viewers a real snapshot into your day, and lets them experience emotions, situations and places without having to use complicated words to describe them.

video blog

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Vlogging Platform

There are several platforms available for you to upload vlogs, with the most popular being YouTube. There is also Vimeo, Instagram and less permanent fixtures like Snapchat if you want to give just a quick glimpse into your day. You may find that your followers trace you across every platform and expect different things from each. Many bloggers are turning to Snapchat and Instagram’s “stories” feature to help keep their fans in the loop as to what’s going on on a daily basis.

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Where you set up your vlog can set the scene for the type of followers that you will get, as well as showing how much effort you are putting into it. Realistically speaking, you can vlog from anywhere – you could go fancy and have 1st Option location for film shoots going on if you had that much of a budget, but simply vlogging from your bedroom is totally fine. As long as you have good content, the location of where you are shouldn’t affect the video that much.


If you are talking about mundane and boring stuff, there is no chance that you will be gathering a good following. The best thing to do is pick a subject and stick with it – if you look at all of the different high-profile YouTubers, they all have their specific topics. Makeup and Beauty for Zoella, Gaming for Pewdiepie, Family Life for the SacconeJolys. It’s all about taking a topic and really making it your own; this is hard to do if it’s being covered already, but think about what you’d like to see from a specific vlogger and try and recreate it yourself. Take inspiration from your daily life and remember to keep it real – viewers can spot a fake a mile off.

Where Can It Get You?

There are certain people who are making a living solely from vlogging. Louise Pentland, host of the SprinkleOfGlitter channel on YouTube, is sustaining both herself and her daughter from her vlogs. Zoella and boyfriend Alfie Deyes are an example of another pair who are earning their fortunes simply by recording themselves at the same time each week and uploading their thoughts to the world. Routine is key here – your viewers will be expecting you to deliver them some content at a particular time and on a particular day, so make sure that you are strict and stick to it if you want to see yourself up and performing with the high-flyers on in the vlogging world.

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