Step Up Your SEO Game With This Expert Advice

When it comes to SEO, most businesses need to up their game. It’s a tricky subject area and one that many need to explore further. The problem is that the SEO game is changing all the time. Site builders are finding novel ways to improve their search engine rankings. And then the search engines are findings new ways to tease out these new tactics and eliminate them.

But for all the warring between the little guys who want to get noticed online, and big players, like Google, there are some SEO basics. These don’t tend to change all that much over time. So what are they?

Don’t Trust Agencies That Over Promise

The SEO agency market is a crowded space right now. Business-to-business SEO consultancy is taking off as businesses recognize the importance of SEO. That’s meant that firms have had to go out of their way to get business. And sometimes that means making outlandish claims, like being able to get your site to the top of Google rankings in a couple of months.

Anybody who has been involved in SEO for any length of time will immediately smell a rat here. Rising through the rankings can often take over a year, usually longer. So any claim that it can be done in a couple of months is almost certainly bunk. Search engines are seriously clever, and they can smell a rat much better than you would imagine they could. What’s worse, employing the wrong tactics can get you penalized, and your site will forever be at a disadvantage.

Start Blogging

Blogging is no longer just something that’s only for amateurs. Businesses are also recognizing the utility of blogging too for their marketing in general and their SEO in particular.

But all too often, blogging can let a business down. Jeff Millett at has stated that blogs “can be a great source of content, proof that you update your site.” But he has also said that the consequences of neglecting your blog can be high. “Content that’s a duplicate of that found elsewhere or isn’t engaging to readers can hurt the popularity of your site.” And this, he warns, drives down the number of relevant visitors.


Maintaining a blog is, therefore, a big deal. And something any business should be looking to keep updated regularly.Doing so will enable you to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Many people new to SEO believe that they have to stuff each page full of keywords to climb the rankings. But as we already discussed, big players, like Google, are getting savvy to this tactic. Plus, it’s bad for visitors who expect high-quality content, not something that sounds clunky or looks artificial.
One or two keywords in the text should be sufficient and look a lot more natural.

Optimize For Mobile

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Lastly, websites should be optimized for mobile. Last year Google started to include mobile optimization into it’s ranking algorithm. And since then other search engines have followed suit.

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