is your website optimized for your customers?

Is Your Website Optimized For Your Customers

Your customer oriented approach can be second to none. You can have the best possible products and services found anywhere on the globe. You can feel, truly, that your approach to business is exemplary. This is all applaudable…but will ultimately be moot if your website isn’t optimized to meet your customer’s needs. Today, we have […]

site optimization hacks

Supercharge Your Site With These 6 Optimization Hacks

Performance is everything when it comes to website conversions. If you want people to buy something or interact on your site, your pages need to be quick to download. Plus, they must also be easy to render in the user’s web browser. If your site content takes a long time to download, you’ll do more […]

start your own workshops

Talented? Why Not Start Your Own Workshops?

The internet has made many things a whole lot easier.  From learning to teaching, buying to selling and even staying in touch with long lost friends.  There is very little that we cannot do since discovering the world wide web.  It is even possible to publish that novel you have been penning since you were […]

target audience

Reach Your Target Audience Online

Reaching out to your target audience online can be as easy as reaching for that cup of coffee in the morning that gets you ready to tackle the world of business throughout the day — that is, if you know what to use and how to use it effectively, as well as who to ask […]

managing marketing channels

Managing Marketing

In this day and age the majority of businesses out there need to use marketing. This is primarily because many businesses only operate in virtual space. Meaning that if they did not use marketing at all no one would know they exist. If people don’t know you are there, then they aren’t going to buy […]

cloud computing

Business Up In The Air? Land On The Cloud

Has bad things happened to you and your business? Perhaps it has been hacked, or maybe someone you work with spilt coffee on a server tower. Or has your website gone down due to too much traffic, something you would normally hope happens all the time. These can be frustrating when you are trying to […]

digital business

Putting A Name To The Face: Going Physical In Digital Business

Running a digital business offers loads of great benefits. You have the chance to run your business from home. And, you can avoid loads of the costs that usually come with business. So, it’s a great way to get started. As time goes on, though, a lot of companies find that they want to be […]

home-based business

How To Make Your New Home-Based Business More Efficient

Many people dream of running their own business, and for a long time that was as far as it could go. But now, thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to set up your own home-based business and create something truly amazing. Of course, if you’re expected to jump straight in with a large office […]

market your business

The Creative Approach to Market Your Business

The best-laid plans go to waste so much of the time. The chance to market your business properly becomes a lost opportunity due to poor decisions, budgetary constraints, or just not being “in the zone.” The perils of being a designer or running a design business means you are essentially working to create, and so […]

impact of graphic design on business

The Impact of Graphic Design on Business

Appearances matter a lot when you’re running a business and want to do better than your main rivals. It’s often the small graphic design details that can make your business stand out from the crowd. Read on to find out more about the impact of graphic design on business.