Getting your audience to engage with you

A Guide to Getting Your Audience to Engage With You

Getting your audience to engage with you is a very important part of business. When you’re audience are engaged, they are more likely to interact with you, remember you, and recommend you to others. When you do this online, you automatically get more exposure too. Here are some tips you can use to help:

Getting Your Audience to Engage & Keep Them With You

Know Who They Are

The best way to get your audience to engage with you is to know who they are right from the beginning. When you know who they are, you can tailor all of your advertising campaigns to them. You can use language that they use, and talk about things that they like. It makes it so much easier to connect when you know who you’re trying to connect with!

Find Opportunities for Humour

You don’t need to turn everything into a running joke or anything like that, but finding opportunities for humour can help when trying to engage with your audience. This helps them to realise that you’re just like them – you’re not some stone faced machine! It puts a personality to your business and they’ll enjoy interacting with you when you use humour.

Write a Useful Blog

Writing a useful blog can be really helpful to your business if you’re trying to get more exposure and engagement. Your audience can comment on your blog with their thoughts, share your posts and may even come back to you for more useful information if they need it. Some people like to advertise their blog when they are trying to help it gain popularity. An advertising agency could give you helpful advice on whether this is the right move for you.

Post on Social Media During Peak Times

When you post on social media during peak times, you will automatically get a bigger and better response to what you’re posting. Different platforms have different peak times, so make sure you learn what these are and get used to posting at them. There are even some platforms that can do this for you!

Getting your audience to engage with you

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Ask Relevant Questions

Ask relevant questions to your audience to get a response. You could ask their thoughts/opinions on something that’s going on in the world, or something to do with your business. This is a great way to do a bit of market research as well as build relationships with them.

Host a Q&A Session

Host a q&a session if you feel enough people will get involved. Let’s say you’re a DIY company; host a session on Twitter so that your audience can ask you all kinds of DIY related questions. You can answer their questions, engage with them, and become their hero. They’ll always return for their DIY needs in future. Simple!

These are just some of the ways you can get your audience to engage with you. Hopefully, you will try them and see just how beneficial they can be. Leave any of your own suggestions below – we’d love to hear from you. Come back for more soon!

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