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The Best Ways to Use Videos on Your Website

Is your website currently lacking video content? This is a problem that you really need to sort out. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways in which you can use video content to your site’s advantage. If you get your approach right, that video content could be responsible for attracting many new people to your website. Videos, when properly optimised, can be good for your overall search engine ranking. It adds something new and different to the website, and that’s what you want.

If you’re starting from a point at which you have no video content on your website, there are three types of video to consider. Each of these will offer something new and positive to your website. So, give them some thought and attention when deciding how to best use video content on your website. Here are the three types of video you should be aware of.

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A Video Introduction

Some websites choose to use a video to open the website. So, when a person arrives at your website’s homepage, they will be met by a video. This can then give them an introduction to the website or the business. It should tell them what they need to know in no longer than a couple of minutes. People don’t want to be watching for too long, so don’t keep them waiting. When the video is over, the visitor will know a bit more about what you have to offer. And then they can dive further into your website and see what exactly you have to offer them. Captiv8 Video Production Company can help with these kinds of videos.

How To Videos

When someone is searching for a how-to video, they have a specific problem, and they need help solving it. This is what you can offer to them if you create some how-to videos and post them on your website. They are great for attracting more people to your website because they are very SEO-friendly. You should definitely think about adding some of these to your site, but make sure that they are in some way relevant to what the site is about. These kinds of videos also tend to be shared a lot on social media platforms, providing your site with even more exposure. For retail websites, these videos might also prompt purchases when the visitor has finished viewing them.

benefits of video content

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Product Videos

If you sell products on your website, then you can enhance their appeal by using video content. This is something that not many online retailers do. But it gives the visitor and potential customer a chance to see the product from every angle. Videos can also show the product being used, allowing the viewer to see what it would be like for them to use the product after they’ve bought it. It’s things like this that can really persuade people to make a purchase when they’re not sure, so don’t shy away from making the most of this. The product needs to be on show and visible, and good product videos allow you to make that happen.

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