Top Tips Every Online Marketer Should Take on Board

If you’re thinking about starting your own online marketing company, or you’ve already set one up, you need to learn the tricks of the trade. Whether you are a sole trader or the owner of a big company, we’ve got the tips that you need to make sure your business is a success. You need to know you are offering the services your potential clients are looking for. As well as this you need to understand the shortcuts and how to get ahead quickly. But don’t worry, because we’re going to cover all of that in this guide.

The Importance of Marketing

As an online marketer, you should understand the importance of digital marketing. That’s quite a tongue twister but what we mean is you need to be using your tools to ensure clients find you. It’s crucial that you use the basic marketing tricks like SEO so that customers find your website. But your competition is actually taking things one step further.

They’re setting up blogs offering advice on how to use free methods of SEO, free web design and free marketing. These blogs have links to paid for services but customers don’t realize this is a marketing technique. They believe it’s a helpful blog, and you should be setting up your own. You should make sure you have a blog for your marketing agency. Here you can offer clients advice on how to market their business while nudging them to making a purchase with your company.

You should also be using social networking to catch the attention of clients. Essentially, you should be doing everything and anything you’re going to be doing for them for your own company. The question is, what are you going to offer?




SEO is still the key form of digital marketing that you should be offering your clients. It’s the best way to make sure their business is seen and noticed online. You should know that these days SEO takes more than just link building and using the right keywords. As an internet marketer, you need to be running a connected promotional campaign. This is how you’re going to generate the success your clients want.

Also with SEO it’s important to be aware of the new pitfalls. Google are becoming more strict about what counts as organic SEO. If they believe a website has been altered specifically for the reason of increasing search ranking, they’re going to put a penalty on it. That makes your job harder but not impossible. You need to be focusing on the natural ways to increase search ranking such as social media usage.

Social Media

Whether you understand why or not, clients will be willing to pay for a professionally handled social media campaign. They are relatively unaware that it is simple for anyone to use social media for business and will expect you to do it for them. You will be expected to keep their profiles up to date as well as adding links to their feeds. You should do this as regularly as you can without it seeming forced. If you can get customers to view their site by picking them up from social networks, your clients will be happy. When using social media, remember that sharing is key. By getting information shared, you’re going to naturally increase a site’s search ranking.

The easiest way to get information shared is by using visual media. By using visual media, you’ll attract the masses across all the major social networks. You should use hashtags as these are directly linked to shares. You should also think about visual media when designing your client’s site, another job you might take on.

Web Design

If you’re designing a client’s website, they’ll expect it to tick a number of boxes. They will want it to be clear, concise and attractive. Perhaps most importantly, they want it to be unique. It’s not hard to make sure that a site looks attractive and clear. Rather than fill it with information you should leave this on their blog that you should also have set up. To make it look attractive, you should incorporate pictures and videos. This is also going to increase the chance of information getting shared and that boosts search ranking.

Also, remember when you design their site that it should be connected to any social profiles that they have. You can do this using widgets. As an example, you could have a widget for their twitter feed running at the right-hand side of their page. But, you might just want a contacts page where customers can find all their social network information.

You may have to work with clients who do not want a website set up from scratch. Rather, they want it tweaked and adjusted to increase ranking. If you think this is not possible or not worth the time you should advise them they would be better off starting fresh. The website can be shut down and reopened when it is ready to be viewed by customers again.

On occasion, you might find you are overloaded with clients, but you don’t want to lose the opportunity of more business. Rather than refusing to take on contracts you can continue to make arrangements with clients. But instead of doing the work yourself, you can form a partnership with a white label website development company. They’ll work in the background helping you optimize the site while you still keep the client’s business. The client never knows of the white label company’s role in the development.


Cro is another service that you should offer to your clients. If you use CRO, then you can gather statistics and find out what changes will make a customer commit to a purchase. This is an attractive possibility for your clients. They are not paying you to get clicks on their site. Instead, they are now paying to ensure they get customers to purchase their product or service. However, this is trickier to guarantee, and you may not have as greater success, with this service. This can lower your approval rating, making it more difficult to gain clients. But if you understand how CRO works it could be beneficial.


We hope you find success in online marketing and wish you luck finding new clients.

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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