TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Contest – Register, Share, Win!

Yes you heard it right. Everything is as easy and one, two, three. TemplateMonster’s Social Stock is intended for all avid social media users who spend each day online, chatting with friends and sharing useful different types of content with their followers. With Social Stock you are supposed to do all the same, and win cool prizes for the things that you commonly repeat on a daily basis.


What is Social Stock All About?

Social Stock is a social media campaign launched by TemplateMonster a while ago. Having already gained high demand among both TemplateMonster’s fans and ordinary users who head about the company for the first time, Social Stock participants have already started obtaining their first prizes.
All participants of the content are provided with a 10% discount on all themes from TemplateMonster’s inventory. The promo-code is provided to everyone who gets registered in the contest. The purpose of giving you a discount is to let you help your friends and social media followers save money on the purchase of premium web design templates, provide them with top-notch web stuff that will save loads of their time and money on web development, as well as give you an opportunity to compete for gaining a variety of cool prizes.

Prizes to Compete for

Depending on the number of times that your promo-code was used, you can get any of the following 8 prizes. One promo-code usage equals one point on your account. So, the more sales you generate, the bigger chances to win more valuable prizes you’ll have. Here is the entire list of rewards and the number of points that you will need to collect to get each prize.

  •  10 promo-code uses will bring $100 on your PayPal account.
  •  20 sales can be exchanged for Pebble smartwatch.
  •  50 sales equal iPad Mini 2.
  •  for 100 sales you will get iPhone 6.
  •  for 250 sales you will be provided with Canon EOS 6D.
  •  Macbook Pro for 500 promo-code usages.
  •  Harley-Davidson Street for 1,000 usages.
  •  Tesla Model S for 10,000 sales.

Terms and Conditions

The contest is open for everyone who enjoys social media and web design. It doesn’t matter how many years you have spent with TemplateMonster, how many themes you’ve bought or how often you participated in other promos of this ready-made themes provider. This can be the first time that you hear about them, it really doesn’t matter. In order to become a participant all that you need to do is:

  • Register in Social Stock Contest by leaving your valid email address.
  • Check your email inbox for your unique 10% promo-code.
  • Share this code with friends and social media followers.
  • Keep track of your sales in your Social Stock profile.
  • As soon as you collect enough points for a certain prize, go ahead and exchange those for a reward.

How can you find out when there are enough points to get a certain prize? All information will be accessed via your profile. Once you sigh in, you will see a field to track your promo-code. Enter in there and the system will automatically count the number of your sales. In addition to the total amount of your promo-code uses, there will be a list of prizes accompanied with the number of points required to get each of them, as well as integrated buttons to exchange your points for prizes. As soon as you have enough points for a certain prize, the button next to it will turn green. Push it and the system will automatically withhold the number of points equals to the prize value. Keep the difference and continue collecting your sales.
The number of prizes that you can win is not limited. You can either get all of them or keep on collecting sales to get Tesla Model S or Haley Davidson Street. It’s up to you to decide.

How to Let People Know about the Contest?

TemplateMonster has done everything for you. When you sigh in, you will get access to multiple pre-designed memes, banners, demotivators, funny images, and other stuff that you can use just the way you wish. What’s more, you will be provided with pre-written texts for social media posts and emails, which you can use as they are, while replacing the default promo-code with your own discount.
Your Social Stock profile will be integrated with Twitter. Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest social sharing options. So, you can spread the word about the promo-code for your friends right from your profile.
The contest will be running through the end of 2016. The last prize will be given out on December 31st, so you still have plenty of time to enroll and compete for the top prizes. Just imagine that you can get a cool Apple device, bike or even a car of your dreams with $0 investment. Doesn’t it sound like a lucrative offer?
Go ahead, enroll and try your fortune. In Social Stock Contest no one is left without a reward. Just see it for yourself.

In case you don’t want to register, but still want to get promo-code, here is a 10% promocode: “c4ad3bdqv69c669iq2djlpqzl”.


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