growth of digital marketing

Marketing Is Evolving Again

Those involved in advertising know that the size of the global advertising pie remains roughly constant at around $500 billion. As a result, whenever a new marketing channel enters the fray, it typically succeeded by eating up the market share of other marketing methods. This decade, digital marketing has been by far the most successful […]

online marketing

A Glimpse Into the Future of Diversified Marketing

One of the biggest technological wake-up calls that businesses received in 2016 was the explosion of social media. Social media itself has been a very dominant force all over the world with millions of active users online every day, posting billions of Tweets on a regular basis and generating an incredible amount of internet traffic.

digital marketing efforts

The Heart Of Digital Marketing

Where is it exactly? If you really want to just sit down and research the best advice for your digital marketing endeavours? We all know the process of going through page after page of information, and perhaps only taking away a handful of usable knowledge. Also, because of the nature of digital marketing, the goal […]

target market

Encouraging Audience Participation: How To Engage With Your Target Market

Success is business is heavily reliant on being able to provide a service that is tailored to your target market, but what does this mean, and how you can you encourage engagement and interaction with your audience? If you’re a business owner looking to be more sociable and approachable, this guide should come in handy.

digital marketing blunders

Marketing Blunders – The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

People who start a new business will have to think about marketing and promotion at some point. We are living in the digital world, and so it makes sense that investing time and money online is the best solution. However, many new entrepreneurs make mistakes along the way. Those errors in judgment can often damage […]

web traffic

A Beginner’s Guide To Web Traffic

Web traffic is a term we hear a lot nowadays. It seems as though everyone’s concerned with it. But, what is it, and why is it important? Both of these questions, and more, will be answered in this beginner’s guide to web traffic:

how to link your online and offline marketing

How To Link Your Online And Offline Marketing

On first glance, it might seem that the idea of linking your offline with your online marketing doesn’t make any sense. How are the two connected? But when you think about it, there are many ways that they are integrated into a single whole that is your business. It turns out that when you use […]

business development ideas

Inspirational Digital Business Growth Ideas

You probably already know this fact by now, but running a digital business is tough in today’s modern world. Why? Well, one of the reasons is down to competition: in many sectors, the market is often saturated with other service providers. That means you have to work harder than companies in other niches just to […]

managing marketing channels

Managing Marketing

In this day and age the majority of businesses out there need to use marketing. This is primarily because many businesses only operate in virtual space. Meaning that if they did not use marketing at all no one would know they exist. If people don’t know you are there, then they aren’t going to buy […]

market your business

The Creative Approach to Market Your Business

The best-laid plans go to waste so much of the time. The chance to market your business properly becomes a lost opportunity due to poor decisions, budgetary constraints, or just not being “in the zone.” The perils of being a designer or running a design business means you are essentially working to create, and so […]