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10 Answers to Your Questions About Starting A Blog

Blogging is a big business right now – and a lot of fun. So it’s no surprise that it’s gaining a huge amount of popularity. With that said, it’s also quite a technical challenge. A lot more goes into successful blogging than creative content and exceptional writing. It’s a trade, just like any other. And requires those involved in the industry to have a bit of know-how before they get started. Here’re some questions that are commonly asked by those starting a blog.

How Important Is Video Blogging?

Thanks to increased bandwidths, video blogging is becoming ever more popular. It’s now possible, even with an average connection, to upload video content to a host site. But it’s not an all or nothing strategy. In fact, there are many reasons to believe that video-blogging and regular blogging are complementary. Video blogging is a great way to convey more complicated topics that might require more explanation. Readers won’t want to read through a couple of thousand words of text on a subject. But they’ll probably absorb the equivalent information in video format without any complaints.

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Video blogging can also be useful for improving your site’s SEO. With video, you can attract new people to your blog who prefer video. Thus, mixing video with written content is an excellent way to garner a wider audience for your content. Some people love to read. Some like to watch video and some love both.

How Do You Fine-Tune Your Blog’s Focus?

Fine tuning your blog is critical. After all, you want to provide relevant content and differentiate yourself. But often, the things that the blogger thinks will be interesting aren’t interesting to their audiences. Many bloggers miss their goals because they’re focusing on the wrong content.

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Before starting a blog, it’s worth thinking about a group of topics you’d like to cover. Pay some attention to each of those sub-topics, looking for which are the most popular. It may turn out that ultimately, only a portion of those topics are hitting home with your audience. So this is a clear signal that these themes should be your focus.

How Do You Generate Income From Social Media?

The biggest draw of social media is that it is a great conduit. It’s through social media that you can channel lots of people through to your site and your product.

Generating money from social media itself is possible too. Twitter, for instance, has its Sponsored Tweet service, where you get paid to tweet adverts. But this is not as effective a way to make money as through simple redirection. You need a big audience to make a significant amount of money from Sponsored Tweets and other similar products.

What’s The Best Blog Theme For A Professional Blog?

Most of us are familiar with how to start a blog using WordPress. But less of us feel comfortable when it comes to WordPress themes.

WordPress themes are segregated into two categories: free and premium. Premium themes tend to have a lot more functionality, as you might expect. And they have many options to make your blog appear elegant. Free themes are okay, but they should probably only be used for personal blogs.

How Much Revenue Should A Successful Blogger Be Making After Six Months?

The amount of money any blogger makes is of course, down to their own individual level of skill. But it also has a lot to do with their topic areas of choice. For that reason, it’s hard to say exactly how much the average blogger should be making. Full-time bloggers who understand marketing and content can usually be successful in a six-month time frame. But bloggers who have regular jobs will find it harder to make a significant impact. Most part-time bloggers take about two years to hit the big time.

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What Does It Take To Get Loyal Followers On Your Blog?

There are a lot of blogs out there that are mildly successful. They regularly get thousands of hits and attract a broad range of people. But their readers could hardly be called loyal. Generating loyal followers requires a lot more than just pushing out regular content. It requires that you build a relationship and a rapport with your followers. As soon as you start interaction with your fans, you appear less distant. You automatically become more personable. And followers feel that they can relate. The more that people relate to you, the more you’ll build trust and support from your audience.

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How Do You Keep Blog Titles Fresh When You Have A Narrow Niche?

It’s hard to take inspiration and turn it into a process. But generating fresh blog titles can be a challenge. The best thing to do is to keep track of what interests your readership. There are plenty of online tools that you can use to see where the buzz is at any moment on social media. Keep a close eye on frequently mentioned keywords. And use these keywords as inspiration for your blog titles.

You also might want to investigate whether there is old content you could update and recycle. If you’d done a review of the best cameras in 2015, why not update it to review the best cameras in 2016?

What Is The Word Count Sweet Spot?

The question of how many words you should write per blog comes up a lot. A 500-word post will probably take about 3 minutes to read. A 750-word post will be more like 5 minutes. And a 2000 word post will take up to fifteen. The length of posts you choose to write all depends on your readership. Are your readers busy city-types who are always in a hurry? If they are, you’ll probably want to limit the length of your posts. On the other hand, if your readers are studious academics interested in detail, you may want longer posts.

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What Metrics Should You Use To Measure The Sales Success Of Your Blog?

Google Analytics is a tool that can track the blogs that lead to the most sales conversions. This allows you to identify the topics and posts that have the most value to your audience.

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