variety is the spice of web design

Variety Is The Spice Of Web Design

There are millions of web pages out there. Even in your own industry, it’s likely you’re looking at competing for attention and space with dozens if not over a hundred websites. What is it about your site that is going to keep people interested? It’s all about variety. What are the right ways to incorporate it into your web design?

variety is the spice of web design


There’s more than one kind of content

Having content that no-one else provides is a great start for any website. If you can present new information or offer new advice to your visitors, then your content already has value to the viewer. But you can increase that value by finding the best way to deliver it. For branding material, for instance, can images convey better what you want to say in text? For tips or data, could you better make an infographic that makes the content a lot easier to digest? Overloading the site with written content alone is any easy way to ensure that most visitors aren’t going to look at all of it.

Create your own experience

Perhaps your site doesn’t demonstrate itself best through content at all. Perhaps it would be much better to create an experience unique to your website. Perhaps it’s an app that gives people a whistle-stop tour of your features or solutions you provide. Perhaps it’s an easier way to communicate with your team. If you can think of a unique experience to provide with visitors, then using bespoke software development teams to implement it could give your site something valuable. A whole new way to spend time on the internet. That’s the kind of thing that can easily go viral if used well.

Don’t say what everyone else is saying

You need to look at the voice and the message of the brand. What might be even more important than what you’re saying is the fact of whether or not someone else is saying it at the same time. Before you put up any content or start applying any design to the website, make sure you’re taking the time to research your contemporaries. A fresh element or two aren’t going to make a big difference if the site can’t stand out from the rest.

Keep them coming

If you are able to provide new content and new experiences on the website, then think about whether or not you could create a pipeline that keeps updating the site with them. Beyond having something fresh for users every time they visit your page and giving them more reason to bookmark your site, it can convince even those who passed your site by. Remarketing efforts with new content can help you recapture those who you failed to wow on the first pass. Using website data like search bar analytics can even help you see the kind of missing content that people have been searching for. Meaning your new content and remarketing efforts can be targeted directly at those who didn’t get what they wanted last time they visited the site.

A fresh look. Fresh content. Fresh content delivery methods. A fresh new experience. It’s all about providing the visitors with something they haven’t seen before and something they’re not likely to see elsewhere. Even better is if you can keep doing it and keep people coming back.

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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