ways to drive traffic to your website

The REAL Reasons Why Nobody Visits Your Website (And How To Fix Them)

You might be proud of the fact that your website gets around 200 unique visitors a month, but let’s face it; that’s not an achievement worth writing home about, is it? You’re likely reading this blog post because you want to drive more traffic to your site. Plus, you’d like for most of those visitors to come back again in the future.

And it’s also likely that you want to start making a passive income from your site, whether it’s through selling products and services or affiliate marketing. So, how can you find out why there aren’t enough people visiting your website? You’ve probably got some idea through the various SEO articles you’ve read on this blog and elsewhere.

Today, you’re going to learn the common reasons why ordinary website surfers don’t visit a site (or if they do, why they don’t hang around for long). Here is what you need to know:

how to drive traffic to your website

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Your site is full of errors

Web browsers generally do a good job of rendering pages that have mistakes in the HTML code. However, they don’t always get it right, and you shouldn’t rely on them to fix your problems for you. Whenever you create or update a new web page, it’s important that you check it makes sense from an HTML point of view.

There are numerous free tools online that you can use for that purpose. One of the best ones is the W3C Markup Validation Service.

Your color scheme leads a lot to be desired

When you design a website, it’s important that the colors you use are easy for people’s eyes to interpret. As you know, some color schemes just clash or are plain ridiculous! It’s also worth pointing out that your site could be seen as discriminatory if it doesn’t allow people with vision impairments to understand your content.

Your website is lonely

Let’s assume that you’ve got a kick-ass website and none of the above problems apply to it. So, why aren’t you getting many visitors? The answer could well be down to the lack of backlinks to it.

The Web is a big place, and there are something like one million websites live at the time of writing! Your site will more than likely have a lot of competition on the Internet. You need to formulate a marketing strategy that helps you get links back to your site from other relevant ones. It also pays to use a link building service to help you with your mission so that you focus your time on other aspects of your site.

ways to increase web traffic

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Your content isn’t relevant

Google, the leading player in the online search industry, ranks a website on many factors. One of them is content relevancy. In other words, if what you talk about doesn’t fit the general theme of your site, don’t expect people to find it on the first page or two of any search results pages.

It’s beyond the scope of this article to discuss in detail how to make your content relevant as each website is, of course, tailored to different audiences. However, one general snippet of advice you can take on board is this: talk about the things people want to hear.

If each page’s title and description are about a particular subject, that’s what you talk about. Because that is what users will type into the search box on Google and other search engines!

ways to drive traffic to your website

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Once you fix the above problems, you’ll soon start seeing an increase in traffic to your site. Good luck!

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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