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How Presenters Can Make Their Work More Beautiful

Presenters often get a bad rap. And not without good reason. Their presentations are all too often bland and uninspiring from an artistic point of view. Nothing is worse than sitting through a long, boring, PowerPoint presentations that lacks any visual appeal. In fact, it makes you wonder why PowerPoint was chosen in the first place.

Of course, content and your personal speaking abilities are important when it comes to making a presentation. But today, we’re interested in the design element. The following are some tips to help you make your presentations look beautiful.

Avoid Templates

By now most people know the stock templates that come with most software. They’re boring and bland, and often quite ugly. The solution is to ditch the template and come up with your own. The trend these days it towards cleaner, moodier slides with a bit of personality and bite.

Avoid Text Overload

Your slides should only really be a prompt and a point of reference for your audience. They shouldn’t be repurposed as a textbook for your audience. Limit yourself to a maximum of six lines of text per slide. The audience simply won’t benefit from any more than that. If there is any additional information, communicate it through your voice, not your slides.

Get Rid Of Regular Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are hard to read. Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, are a lot easier to read. If you can, stick to traditional, easy to read typefaces, like Helvetica.

Use A Professional PowerPoint Slideshow

Think back for a moment to all of the PowerPoint slideshows you’ve sat through. It must be hundreds by now. How many of them were actually memorable? Not many. That’s because few people are really in the business of putting together a slideshow with skill. Often shows are clunky and boring.

PowerPoint design services can transform your slideshow into something that’s both professional and memorable.

Obey The 10-20-30 Rule

Guy Kawasaki developed the 10-20-30 rule. He said that presentations should have no more than ten slides. They shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes. And they should have font size 30 or more. It didn’t matter to Guy whether the presentation was world-changing or not. It had to follow this rule if the message was going to stick.

Ditch Bullet Points

What is the purpose of bullet points? Usually to distinguish between different, punchy ideas. But why the convention of using bullets to do this? They’re ugly and boring. And often they don’t help you get the message across anyway.
Why not beautify your presentation by using whole slides in place of your bullet points. Use your slides to convey big ideas beautifully, rather than using them to condense material. That way you can present your ideas with a bit of flair, rather than as a simple list.

Use Single Images

powerpoint presentations


Images really help to add depth to your slides and make your presentation more visual. But you need to be careful. Adding in too many images can make your stylish presentation look more like a scrapbook. Limit yourself to single images, with just a few words conveying the key message.

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