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Top Tips for Running an Office Computer Network the Smart Way

Running your office computer network is not easy if you don’t have the experience to make a success of it. When you have multiple computers, and you need to share resources and software between them, it’s essential. Here are the top tips that you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re setting up and running your home network.

Get the Router Setting and Position Right

First of all, you need to think about the router. This is going to be the hub of your office network. When something goes wrong, you will go to do the router. Getting the settings right so that they work for an office network is vital. An office network is different from the home setup that most of us use. The position of the router will have an impact too. It needs to be out of direct sunlight and not put in a place where it can easily get damaged. If you’re having trouble with the reception, you might be able to invest in an upgrade to the antenna. This will make getting reception much easier.

Use the Cloud

Cloud-based networking is increasing in popularity all the time. Now is the time for you to start taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer if you haven’t already. It increases efficiency and can even keep maintenance costs down. Those are not things that can be ignored. It’s also much easier to secure the network when you use the cloud. You can hire companies to maintain your cloud computing network for you, which takes a lot of the hard work out of the task. If your business and its network grow in the future, it’s easy to upscale with a cloud-based system too.

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Monitor Your Infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure that you use will have to be monitored. There are always things that can go wrong and problems that can arise when you are trying to manage an office network. Ideally, you want these problems to be picked up on at the earliest possible opportunity. If that happens, it becomes so much easier to get the problems fixed and dealt with before they lead to other problems. Nagios monitoring is commonly used, and it can be enhanced by using Opsview add-ons. By getting the right IT monitoring system in place, you will make the network as secure as it possibly can be.

Secure the Network

Finally, you need to think about the ins and outs of securing the network. For all businesses, security is a big deal. You don’t want data to be exposed or vulnerable. And you don’t want it to be easy for people to gain access to your network because then they could do all sorts of things. Using encryption methods, such as WEP, will make it nearly impossible for people to gain access. Off-site backups should also be carried out to make sure that you’re covered if the worst does happen. And then the little things like using the right antivirus software and disabling external access to the network will help too.

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