best responsive wordpress themes 2015

10 Outstanding Mobile WordPress Themes 2015

A collection of the 10 best Mobile WordPress Themes 2015 to ensure a stunning visual appeal on any device; let’s explore them.

WordPress is an amazing platform that proves its credibility with a gigantic user base. With a whopping number of WordPress-powered websites on the Internet, it has incessantly garnered a great popularity across the globe. It is extolled for its blissful offerings that allow one to efficiently create a website for almost any niche, whether it is for blogging purposes or eCommerce business, WordPress makes a fabulous choice.

With the advancement in the mobile technology, we see people incessantly choosing their mobile devices over desktop computers. This is why, various firms are outsourcing their projects to iOS or Android app development companies. And, as per the recent studies, websites are certainly receiving more than half of the total traffic from mobile devices; this is only expected to continue. So, to attract mobile visitors there is a dire need to switch to a mobile friendly website.

Fortunately, the folks running a WordPress website can efficiently make their website mobile friendly by reaping the benefits of truckloads of prolific themes that are perfect to create a mobile-optimized look and feel. But, a variety of options often lead to confusion. Here is a collection of the 10 best Mobile WordPress Themes 2015 that ensure a stunning visual appeal on any device; let’s explore them.

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Best Mobile WordPress Themes 2015

A collection of the 10 best Mobile WordPress Themes 2015 to ensure a stunning visual appeal on any device; let’s explore them.

1- Optimize

The name of this theme precisely explains its features. It optimizes a website to deliver a valuable performance on any device. The template comes complete with Google Adsense and display ads in a single post on various positions, including widget and header. This theme is simply great for personal blogs as well as professional websites. It features a responsive design to reach mobile devices with an appealing layout. The theme supports favicon link with a full featured control panel.

mobile wordpress themes 2015

2- Jackdaw – WordPress Mobile Theme

This fabulous mobile theme is a design-focused WP theme. It is specifically designed to efficiently target mobile users, though it also ensures an easy accessibility to desktop users. It supports the latest version of the WordPress installation and delivers a great performance. You may configure it as a secondary theme for your website to entice your mobile visitors, and use the regular theme for  desktop users.

mobile theme

3- Flat

Designed by YoArts, the minimalist design of this flat theme looks great. With an appealing layout, Flat theme is lightweight and features a clean design. This makes it load faster and display the posts in a readable manner.

wordpress mobile theme

4- Aura

Featuring a fully customizable theme system, the Aura Mobile theme is sure to deliver a ravishing UX, especially to mobile visitors. It supports post format (optimized for mobile devices), custom portfolio, Sound Cloud, video and gallery. You can personalize the theme in a desirable fashion and add numerous categories and Menu items in this theme. It offers an overwhelming list of colors for font icons and image icons, you may choose the one that best suits your website. Moreover, it also includes Font Awesome and 370 image icons for mobile retina icons.

mobile wordpress themes

5- Catch Flames

Catch Flames is yet another lightweight, clean and simple theme that is aesthetically designed. It features a three column layout that can be further customized to a single column or double column as per your requirements. You can create a highly professional website by conveniently tailoring the look and feel in a desired fashion. This further adds to its flexibility and make it a fabulous choice. Moreover, the theme is also loaded with a plethora of resourceful features that allows one to use the theme in a desired manner.

mobile wordpress themes 2015

6- Point Premium Modern Mobile Theme

Appears great on smartphones and tablet, the Point mobile theme offers a remarkable web experience to mobile users. You can ensure an easy accessibility to your WP blog from any device. This ultimate theme is bagged with various features, including Sound Cloud listing pages, custom portfolio, video, etc. It also features a two level accordion menu system that offers easy page browsing. Furthermore, it can be easily customized in a desired fashion to create a fresh and appealing appearance.

Mobile Theme

7- Anchorage

If the anchorage design captivates you and suits the objective of your website, this theme makes a great choice. It is beautifully designed while keeping the latest WP trends in mind. It embraces a single column layout that displays the web content in a legible way.

free mobile theme

8- Ignite

Ignite is a trendy theme that is loaded with a slew of helpful features. The social media icons, custom background colors, and several other options allow one to tailor the visual appearance of a theme in a useful manner to compliment his website with a unique and intuitive theme. Ignite is available for free in the WP repository; however, it also has a premium version known as Ignite Plus that offers additional features.

best mobile wordpress themes 2015

9- Breezy A Lightweight Mobile Theme for WordPress

As the name implies, Breezy is a lightweight theme that epitomizes the web content in a clean and uncluttered manner. This mobile-only theme can be used as a regular WP theme or secondary theme; the choice is completely yours. You can efficiently personalize the loading screen and menu style of your website for mobile visitors as per your taste.

best responsive wordpress themes 2015

10- Farben Basic

This responsive HTML5 theme is great to overhaul the complete appearance of a website to target mobile devices with a flair. It is a lightweight theme that can be tailored to create a personalized look and feel. You can deliver a highly interactive and intriguing UX with this feature-rich theme.

free wordpress theme

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