marketing plan 2017

Plan Your Marketing For The Best Outcome

The ability to plan everything in business is important. You don’t just go ahead and try something without putting in the work, researching products and locations and generally having a good idea something will work. Marketing is exactly the same. If you want the best outcomes you need to properly research everything you’re going to do otherwise you may end up wasting significant amounts of money.

Have Content Ready

When you begin marketing on social media sites like facebook or linkedIn, you’re going to need content. However, starting your product page, then spending hours on content is untenable because it leaves your page empty for a long period of time. You need to put the work in and ensure you’re content is ready to go as you launch. This way you can steadily release pre-written content onto your page. Giving it the appearance of a well cared for page run by someone who knows exactly what their doing. It also frees up your time afterward, giving you the time to focus on other business needs.

marketing plan 2017


Build Up An Email List

Before you begin your marketing campaign or promotion you need to secure your email list. You may already have key emails of people or companies vital to your business area or past customers, if not, go for blogs, and other business centric locations that can help. You need to send the email exactly when your promotion starts. Otherwise, you’re not giving people a fair amount of time to make use of it. Sometimes preparing for a marketing stunt can be hard, especially if you’re going from multiple angles, if this is the case a specialist premarketing company can help you.

Forge A Marketing Plan

You need to make a marketing plan before committing to any kind of marketing. Analyse your business and see what it needs. If its a startup then you can highlight areas you want to see immediate growth in and go for those. If you’re not, you will likely have aspects of your business that are doing well and others less so, an example can be certain products not selling so good. So you’ll likely want to focus on the areas that aren’t doing so well, your marketing can focus on promotions surrounding these products or discounts on underbought services. You should come up with a marketing strategy which includes a budget and a goal, the goal can be products bought or sight traffic. A marketing plan means you have control of your marketing and keeps you from overspending.

Decide On Your Target Audience

Sometimes the product or service you offer fits one type of audience rather than the other, be it old, young or male, female. If you’re offering a dress alteration service you’re likely going to get a majority female customer base, if you’re offering football boots it’ll be mainly male. So your marketing plans need to include this. Your content needs to lend itself to to your target audience, as do the colours, speech and marketing platform. If you use these aspects to properly plan your marketing then you’re giving yourself the best chance of success.

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