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The Creative Approach to Market Your Business

The best-laid plans go to waste so much of the time. The chance to market your business properly becomes a lost opportunity due to poor decisions, budgetary constraints, or just not being “in the zone.” The perils of being a designer or running a design business means you are essentially working to create, and so you must trust your instincts and follow your gut in order to create a product that’s memorable and worthy. The problem with this is that creative types, as a rule, don’t fit into the business setup. I know I’m making a crass generalization here, but that is why so many startup companies fail, why so many theater companies never get off the ground, and why that dream tends to stay in the drawer for so long. It’s because there is no fine balance between the creative and the scientist. But can methodology and melodrama sit side by side? Let’s find out.

Behind every great marketing campaign lies a way for consumers to understand the brand. What is the brand? It’s the story of the business, the personality that needs to be communicated. The very nature of marketing a business is all about developing the story. What was the best storytelling of the late 60’s and early 70’s? All those commercials directed by Ridley Scott and Alan Parker. All concise storytelling told within the space of 30 seconds, and what was it for? Some ready meal or food product. This shows that the product is secondary to the story. How can you do this for yourself? You can use videography companies to work with you on developing your story. If a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a video paint? It’s a fact that so many businesses go under just because their attitude was so lackadaisical to the actual paperwork that they just focused on the fun bits. We all go into blogging, or design, or creating because we want to escape the trappings of a “job” but there are plenty of mundane aspects to every job, and it just needs to be viewed as going through the darkness to get to the light. It needs to be endured, and the end product is entirely worth it.

market your business

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The best thing is to get the analytical mind and the creative one to work in harmony. That is where the best business results are. By forging a working relationship with one person harnessing the other’s creative chutzpah, it can become a winning combination. The scientific mind can form structures and plans, while the creative is given the space they need to run wild with ideas. It’s all about when the scientific mind knows to reign in the creative when it is necessary and when to leave them to work at it because they’re onto something. The best film producers know when to leave their directors to make great art, and they know when to step in. The dynamic is something that works very well in business, but if you are a lone worker, understanding the point behind a memorable website is to drive traffic, or a blog is to advertise a product or to get more hits, is the perspective that is needed.

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.

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