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4 Ways To Make Your Website More Click-Friendly

There are an awful lot of websites on the internet. Getting people to click on yours and not one of the many others requires some careful strategizing. How your website looks shouldn’t be your only concern – you also need to take measure to signpost your website and make it more click-friendly. Here are a few ways that you can get more people to hit that link and visit your site.

click friendly website

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Tackle your dodgy domain name

Your domain name needs to stand out or alternatively tell people straight away what it is you do. If you’re a business, your website address needs to work in harmony with your brand name. Generally speaking, a good domain name is no more than three words in length. You also want to avoid replacing letters for numbers where possible (e.g. ‘1’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘l8’ instead of ‘late’) and hyphens should also be given a miss. Someone hearing your website out loud should be able to search it. If someone already has your business name as their domain name, consider adding words such as ‘company’, ‘services’ or ‘official’ at the end. Go ahead, set up your dream business and go viral overnight. Register or buy a domain today from renowned companies like GoDaddy and BlueHost but don’t forget to use discount coupons for hosting services available at for additional savings.

Fine-tune your meta description

On search engines, the meta description is the small bit of text that appears under the webpage name. This is generally the first bit of text on the page. As a result it’s important to put as much useful information into this meta description as possible – people scrolling through search engines may read this text to give them a better idea as to whether they should click on your site. Tell people exactly who you are ‘__ are an expert plumbing company…’ or answer your audience’s needs with a question ‘need to fix a leaky tap?’.

Improve your search engine rankings

Getting your website higher up the search engine rankings will make your website seem bigger and more credible. Also, fewer people have the effort to scroll past page three, and so less people will see your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way of improving your rankings on search engines. Many digital marketing companies will offer SEO tools to help you get listed on page 1. You can also improve your rankings yourself, by encouraging bloggers and press to promote you and link your site. Avoid keyword spamming, as this will make your website look unprofessional, and will in fact damage your rankings due to new changes in search engine algorithms.

Link your website everywhere

The more links there are to your website, the more points of entry there are. Don’t just rely on search engines – get Facebook and Twitter business pages and link your website on the profile page of these social media platforms. When communicating with clients via email, make sure that your website is clearly included in the digital sign off of your email. Also remember to promote your website offline as well as online by printing it on signage, flyers, business cards and branded items. Most people now have a smartphone and can instantly search your website online if they see it printed somewhere.

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