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15 Best Free jQuery Range Slider Plugins

We have listed today some of the best free jQuery range slider plugins with many great features. With the help of these cool range sliders you can make your website more appealing to your visitors to choose product options. Such as for numbers, prices or anything that requires a range of selection.

Cloud Pricing Slider

This pricing slider is designed considering requirements of Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Server providers. It is very easy to modify and customize according to requirements.

Pricing Slider

Ion Range Slider jQuery

Easy, flexible and responsive range slider jquery plugin with skin support. With this plugin you will be able to easily build beautiful range sliders.

Range Slider jQuery

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A powerful slider for selecting value ranges, supporting dates and more. You can customize it as you want.

jQuery Price Range Sliders plugins

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Powerange – iOS 7 Style jQuery Range Slider

Powerange is a free jquery range slider plugin, inspired heavily by iOS 7. It is easily customizable, both by CSS and JavaScript. With it’s many features, including changing color and overall style, switching between horizontal and vertical style, custom minimum, maximum and start values, custom step interval, displaying decimal values, displaying icons, it is a really powerful UI tool to use on your website.

jquery range slider

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noUiSlider is a range slider that offers a ton off features. It is as small, lightweight and minimal as possible, which is great for mobile use on the many supported devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices & Windows (Phone) 8 desktops, tablets and all-in-ones. It works on desktops too, of course!

jQuery Range Slider

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jQuery plugin to create range selector…

free jquery price slider

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Fully customizable with CSS, Single/Double handles, Touch-enabled, IE 7+ Compatibility, Custom Digit Rounding, Non linear step increments!

jquery range slider

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jQuery UI Slider Pips

Plugin to add “pips” or “floats” to a JQUI Slider. You can use this plugin for creating a nicely-styled sliders easily.

free jquery price range slider

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Flat jQuery Price Slider

A free jQuery price range slider that follows the flat design approach.

jquery price slider free download

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SimpleSlider is a jQuery plugin for turning your text inputs into draggable numerical sliders. It has no external dependencies other than jQuery, and you don’t need to write a single line of JavaScript to get it to work.

range slider jquery

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jQuery Slider Plugin

jQuery Slider is easy to use and multi functional jQuery plugin that supports any webkit based touch mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android.

jquery price range slider free download

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RangeSlider.js – jQuery Range Slider

Simple, small and fast JavaScript/jQuery polyfill for the HTML5 <input type=”range”> slider element.

range slider jquery

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jQueryUI Limitslider

A small and reliable plugin that allow multiple sliders and ranges with all sorts of optional limitations in position/size/distance. Also includes optional labels on the sliders and hover titles.

free jquery range slider

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jQuery slider

Minimal configuration jQuery plugin with bootstrap style data api.


Round Slider

Round slider is a jQuery plugin that allows the user to select a value or range of values. Not only a round slider, it supports the quarter, half and pie circle shapes also.

Circular slider

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