best aspects of ecommerce

Taking The Intelligence Of Ecommerce Into The Real World

We’re living in an integrated world. Not only are we constantly connected to a wealth of information that helps us get the facts on just about any deal we come up with. Even the way we interact with other parts of the physical world is becoming digitally dominated. The entirely brick-and-mortar shop is getting slowly phased out. If you want to avoid being caught by the wave, you need to think of these ways to get ahead of it.

best aspects of ecommerce

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Welcome to the cashless future

Convenience is what the world of ecommerce has to offer, first and foremost. They’re finding ways to reduce the friction that customers experience by offering more options to make transactions seamless. You can do the exact same thing in your store. Of course, you can have cash and card options available, but you should be amongst the businesses that can accept the entirely cashless way of paying for their goods. Nowadays, all you need is the tech that can talk to the phone of a customer.

A direct interface

Beyond letting them manage their own payment in advance with just the flick of a wrist, you can make it a lot easier for customers to see their transaction all the way through. Touchscreen point-of-sales are becoming a lot more common. But with membrane switches, you can make almost every kind of interaction with your business all the more interactive. Sorting through inventory in search for an item, customizing an order and, of course, ringing up their goods can all be passed to those customers who don’t need or want any interference during their visit.

Marketing meta

You can’t just benefit only from making the customers happy. You can offer a remarketing experience to those in the vicinity of the business too by connecting the online and the offline. Beacons have become rather established and their LED replacements are offering a more specific targeting system to get customers with the app not only to take notice of the store and any sales. They can even pair up with data integrated through the system to highlight specific purchases and deals that fit with their shopping history. Marketing is getting smarter even as it requires less effort from your staff on a person-to-person basis.

The rise of the robots

Smart AIs can offer a lot in helping to direct online customers in finding items and answers. That’s no longer just a reality for the digital world. We’re starting to see more customer service robots as well as robotic additions to things like shopping carts in businesses. They can offer all the information of a customer service booth without the need to have a conversation. They can use a map of all the inventory on the floor to direct customers exactly where they want to go, no matter how specific the request. They can also answer the vast majority of questions that a customer might have during their journey, keeping in mind that you need to provide the answers in advance.

Offer a more responsive way to shop, an easier way to complete a transaction and a more frictionless way to find what you want. Taking all the best aspects of ecommerce and throwing them in the real world is going to help you.

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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