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Ways To Improve Your Business Website in 2017

Having a strong website is important for any business. Most of us understand the fundamentals of having a business website, but how do you make your site stand out amongst its competitors? Like a shop on a busy high street, you need to be able to create a good first impression that draws visitors to your business without giving the others a second glance. Here are several ways to create more of an impact online.

improve your business website

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Start a blog

Some websites aren’t alluring because they don’t look active. Having a constantly updated blog on your website can help to fix this. Blog posts can be about anything related to your business from information on new promotions, the story of your success, business tips, advice to clients or news and stories relating to your business. You can also cross-promote – you can allow other business to write guest posts on your site and in exchange for writing a post on their site.

Blogs can also help draw in readers by giving your site more content and therefore more points of access. Rather than your homepage, readers may stumble upon your website through an advice column or news story that you’ve blogged.

Feature testimonials

Visitors will want to know your experience with previous clients. Testimonials can improve your reputation by providing proof of previous successful business, as well as letting visitors know if you are the right business for them. You can either feature testimonials on your homepage or create a page of references and reviews. If you’re lucky enough to have won any business awards, this should definitely be shouted about on your website.

Use analytics

Analytics can help show how much traffic you are getting to your website, when the most popular times are, who the most popular demographics are and where they are coming from. By knowing this, you can cater your website to these analytics. If people are arriving at your site mainly through an advice blog post, write more advice blog posts in the same vein as this one. If certain times of the week are particular busy for traffic, make this the time you write new posts and offer promotions. If certain ages or genders seem to be mainly buying into your product, sway the theme of your website to cater more for these demographics.

Hire professional assistance

Sometimes you may simply need some professional guidance. There are all kinds business dedicated to helping your online presence and web presentation. You can pay professionals to review your site and they will let you know of any tweaks that need making to make it more eye catching or navigable (such as  Alternatively, an online marketing company may be able to help boost your online presence (such as

Make it mobile friendly

A great deal of people are now using their smartphones to search the web as opposed to desktops. Make sure that your site just looks as good on a mobile screen as it does on a PC monitor. Even if you don’t own a smartphone, there are many sites that can let you test this from your desktop such as

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