how social media boosts business

How Social Media Boosts Businesses

You may have heard before that social media is a great way of increasing your business success. But how exactly does that work? What is it about social media that makes it such a great place for businesses? It has a lot to do with the proximity to customers in which you’ll find yourself (albeit digitally!), as well as all the data that is available to you if you use these platforms.

Here’s a quick look at the ways in which social media can actually boost a business.

how social media boosts business


Customer insights

When you’re immersed in an online social platform alongside your customers, that’s where you can get the most honest and useful feedback. Social media gives you a wealth of information – and it doesn’t even require people to actually write detailed messages to you or about you. Millions of retweets and billions of likes go through these platforms every day, and these features – available to customers at the simple click of a button – can give you more information than a call for feedback through your email subscriber list.

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Increased exposure

You can think of these social media platforms as a small version of the Internet unto themselves. They are, after all, networks. When you become part of them, you’re much more visible on these networks than you are on the ‘umbrella network’ that is the Internet at large. You become much easier to stumble upon for users of these networks. Of course, it can depend to a large extent on just how successful you are on these platforms. For example, the most Facebook likes you have, the more likely it is your page will be visible to others who haven’t liked you yet. This is why many businesses choose to buy Facebook likes.


No-one likes a bloodless, faceless corporation. Thankfully, social media gives you more room to show off your personality than any other medium out there. Many people caught up on the business and social media world will no doubt point towards the fast food chain Wendy’s, which has really rejuvenated its image over the past year with several humorous (and often fierce and assertive) tweets. People care more about the personality of a business than you think, and nothing is better at displaying a great business personality than the like of Twitter and Facebook.

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Targeted ads

Social media opens us up to a host of data. While many people are getting a little concerned with just how much data users end up revealing about themselves, there’s no question that it can be incredibly useful for simple sales tactics. Facebook, in particular, is very good at gauging what kind of items a given user is most likely to purchase. Running an advert on social media gives you more targeting parameters than any other medium, allowing you to target via age, sex, location, job title, and more. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, as it’s a good way of ‘cutting to the chase’ and targeting the people who are most likely to invest in your product.

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