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5 Ways A Graphic Designer Can Add Value For Their Clients

As a graphic designer, you always want to provide the best service for your clients. Nowadays, that means going above and beyond the simple design process. Every graphic designer offers expert web skills, but what else can you do to sweeten the deal? Being a good web designer is all about exceeding your client’s expectations. Going above and beyond also gives you the opportunity to boost your prices. It helps justify a higher cost. All in all, these tips will make you a better web designer.

1. Basic SEO foundation

We recommend that every web designer understand the basics of SEO. In fact, much of Google’s algorithm focuses on design elements. To start with, you should discuss your client’s keywords. You can then use these keywords within the structural foundations of the site. In other words, slot them into the website’s metadata. Secondly, Google rewards sites with simple, intuitive navigation. It also rewards sites with quick loading times. You can improve both of these elements as a graphic designer. To truly go above and beyond, you could even provide some rudimentary backlinks to the client’s website. Do some additional research and find out how to build backlinks in 2016.

2. Ongoing analytics

Once your client’s site is up and running, you can offer them a regular analytics breakdown. This will help them get a sense of how their site is working and whether it’s performing at optimum capacity. For some clients, they don’t have the time or the inclination to use Google Analytics. By offering this service, you’ll provide added value. You could even charge extra for doing so.

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3. Email design template

Your clients understand the importance of consistency. They’ll want their website and their newsletters to match. So, why not throw in a HTML template for their email newsletters? It’s a small piece of work since you’ve already done the bulk of the design. Yet it offers an extraordinary amount of additional value to the client. You could include this service as part of a larger package, or throw it in to sweeten the deal.

4. Maintenance support

Most clients appreciate a little extra support once their site is up and running. Plus, people will pay good money for peace of mind. You can provide that by offering free maintenance support to all your clients. Now they know that you’re on the other end of the phone if there are any problems. If there are bugs, repairs or updates, you can help them out. It’s a good way to secure long-term income from clients and repeat custom.

5. A/B Testing

A/B testing is a simple technique to evaluate how effective your design choices are. It shows you which colours inspire more conversions. Or which call-to-action works best. By including this in your package, it proves to clients that you are thorough and exacting. They’ll trust that they’re getting the most optimized site possible.

By offering extra value, you’ll secure long term custom and boost your customer satisfaction. Try it yourself!

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.

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