Why are font bundles proving so popular?

First of all, who doesn’t like a little bit of typography? We all do right? Well something to recently hit the market big time are ‘font bundles’. A Font Bundle is a great way to grab lots of fonts for ongoing projects in one go for a heavily reduced price.

A lot of bundle providers are selling their products at a heavily reduced price, some with even up to 97% off the RRP. Seems too good to be true right? Well in fact it actually makes economic sense. Designers are using font bundle providers as a platform to sell in high volumes they perhaps couldn’t achieve through their usual methods of promotion and sales. They are in fact sometimes selling lots of fonts wrapped up in a bundle exclusively for that package and making enough from it to warrant making more fonts. This in fact is creating a more competitive marketplace for designers, but also allowing them to make a decent enough living to keep providing the consumers (us) with enough fonts to keep us all happy!

For the consumer it’s fantastic, we are able to get something we would usually pay a lot more for at a cheaper rate, bundled together with lots of other fantastic fonts for less than we would usually pay for just 1 or 2. This makes me very happy!


One such provider is providing fantastic premium font bundles to their audience on a regular basis, but have also gone as far as to give out free fonts. Their free font of the week has proven very popular with consumers with over 4000 people downloading a week, showing there is a huge appetite for fonts online nowadays, especially freebies.

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