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Inspirational Digital Business Growth Ideas

You probably already know this fact by now, but running a digital business is tough in today’s modern world. Why? Well, one of the reasons is down to competition: in many sectors, the market is often saturated with other service providers. That means you have to work harder than companies in other niches just to make a profit!

Some people might say “what’s the point”? Sure, you could give up and just go back to working for someone else. But, part of the reason why you decided to start your business is to offer something great to the market. It could be that you offer services that cater to a particular niche client base. Or, the only difference is that you provide a premium level of service and that has made your brand notable in your industry!

It’s likely you are reading today’s blog post because you want to grow your digital business. After all; you don’t want things to hit a plateau and not go any further forward. Nor do you want to get known as a brand that is a follower rather than a leader! With that in mind, here are some inspirational ideas to help you supercharge your growth potential. Check them out below:

business growth ideas

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Start hiring people to work directly for you

One of the things that get drummed into you as a startup is to outsource almost everything you do! Yes, there are some cost savings and other benefits to enjoy by doing that. But, there can also be a few downsides too! For example, one of the cons of outsourcing is the lack of HR consistency.

You have almost no control or say over the people work on your projects or even things like their working hours. It can often make better sense to hire staff to work as employees for you rather than freelancers or contractors. Such a prospect might sound scary to some up and coming digital agencies at first. However, the reality is hiring and keeping top talent in your business isn’t as hard as you think.

These days, you can get all kinds of help and support when it comes to employee-related matters. For example, this service ensures you comply with all legal obligations when it comes to hiring staff. You can also take on apprentices and often get government grants to help towards their training costs.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of outbound sales

As a digital business, you might feel that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is enough to attract new clients to your brand. Still, that doesn’t mean traditional sales tactics such as outbound calling potential prospects is dead in the water!

business development ideas


The telephone is a brilliant way to forge relationships with new customers. You can often learn a lot about a person just by talking to them! If you put up an online ad or email someone, there is no real way to gauge a person’s emotions and feelings.

There are many ways to take advantage of outbound sales. For instance, you could hire some telesales staff and provide them with leads to chase. Or you could do the work yourself and pay someone to get the leads for you first.

Create some case studies from your existing clients

Self-promotion is without a doubt an effective way to grow any business. It’s also something that can get applied to digital businesses like yours. One particular example of how you can do that is by creating some case studies.

Okay, so you might be wondering how a case study can help your business make more money. The thing is; potential new clients want to know how your services can solve their problems in the real world. For example, let’s say that you offer a web design service. One way to measure the success of your finished “products” is by looking at response rates and conversions.

You could write a case study depicting how a redesign of a client’s website by your agency resulted in 200% increased online sales in just three months! A case study is quite straightforward to construct; all you need to hand is a lot of facts and figures.

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When you present case studies to potential new customers, you are showing that the services you offer can return real results. Companies often provide free case studies on their websites or as downloadable PDF files. They can often influence a client’s purchasing decisions, and so it makes sense to take advantage of such self-promotional ideas.

Do something fun

Some people might say that fun has no place in the business world. The thing is; those same individuals are probably stuck in the 19th century! It always helps to let off some steam to keep you from going crazy because of your work routine.

What if there was a way to do something fun that actually grew your business at the same time? These days, more digital brands are finding that participating in wild or wacky activities can help make their brands memorable. It doesn’t matter if the activity is skydiving or running a marathon for charity.

The aim of the idea is to get your brand noticed while doing something fun AND worthwhile at the same time! Giving back to the community in some way has long been a good way to get one’s name out there. A fun activity that raises money for charity, for instance, can help a brand get free media exposure and even sponsorship!

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Work with people that challenge you

Life is boring if everyone agrees with your views and opinions. Of course, you don’t want to have people around that belittle you at the same time! Instead, you need to work with people that will challenge you in some way and help you to improve what you offer.

In the business world, it’s crucial to evolve with the changing times. Otherwise, you could risk getting stuck in the past and not making any money! Sure, as a business leader you may think that you need to be inspirational to those around you. At the same time, you also need inspiration from others to help you offer a better service.

There are all kinds of people out there that can challenge you in a motivational way. They come from all walks of life, and may even take the form of young interns doing a work placement at your office! Always be prepared to listen to other people’s ideas and concerns. Taking them on board is a surefire way to streamlining what you offer to your customers.

Collaborate with other brands

Last, but not least, you should consider forging partnerships with other companies. An alliance of sorts with other firms in your industry can introduce all kinds of new growth opportunities. You may even find that your business model works best when allied with other brands in your sector!

As strange as it sounds, some digital businesses that offer the same services often work together on projects. It allows them to tackle large-scale projects without the increased overheads.

It’s a strategy that has worked well with many offline industries such as vehicle manufacturing. And it’s one that is easy to adapt to digital brands such as consultancies, design agencies, and more.

Final thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading the ideas on today’s blog post. There are a plethora of ways to grow a digital business, some of which might even seem unconventional. However, they are proven strategies to skyrocket the turnover of any online brand.

Good luck!

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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