Pay More Attention To Conversion Rates!

Ask anyone what they would like to improve about their website, and most would say they would love to see more traffic. And, in general, off they will toddle and pump in another few grand into beefing up their SEO.

Of course, SEO is important – it gets you that essential traffic to your site that every business needs. But traffic does not equal customers. This is why so many online businesses get it wrong.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate:

You have to put more focus on converting that traffic if you want online success. And, for those that need to know, we’ve put together a few reasons why. Let’s get started right away.



Your traffic is an investment

Traffic costs money; it’s as simple as that. Even if you get thousands of visitors every day from organic sources, it’s still an expense. You have to pay the host that powers your website. You will need to have the time to create content, and build your site.

It all adds up and means that every visitor to your business has cost you some money. So, it makes sense to ensure that you are getting a return on your investment. Which is where focusing on your conversion comes in.

It’s a cost-effective way of making online sales

All businesses have a cost-per-sale whenever they sell something. And, the lower your cost of sale, the more profitable you will be. With this in mind, it is essential to look into your conversion rates a lot more closely, as it is the best way to lower those costs.

It’s strange that so many businesses can do this in a physical store or marketplace, but when it comes to online sales, it doesn’t seem to matter. But, you need to make it matter, as it can improve your bottom line significantly.

It helps you target the right people

Look at your traffic and ask yourself: do these people really want to be here? If not, it’s a complete waste of your investment. Either they aren’t at the right stage of the buying process, or they are there for another reason entirely. Conversion rate optimisation services can help you target your efforts on the right people, and at the right time.

They will help you build a better picture of your ideal customer, and get you speaking in their language. At the end of the day, that means more sales for you.

It’s easy to get started

While you might need an agency for more technical aspects of CRO, there are plenty of basics you can pick up yourself. You could do an online course, for example, or make use of the many resources out there that can help.

Some of the things you will learn may surprise you a lot. For example, you might find out about occasions when just changing the colour of a button led to more sales. It’s up to you how far you take it, of course. But everything you learn will be an extra weapon in your armory.

Good luck with getting to grips with conversion rate optimisation – and let us know how you get on with it!

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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