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20 Extremely Beautiful & Best Joomla Photography Templates

If you are a photographer, designer, or an artist an online portfolio always help attract new clients or score your dream job. If you want to expand your professional opportunities – it’s a must-have! In this post, we have compiled a list of 20 extremely beautiful, fully responsive best photography joomla templates to save your […]


Website Woes: 3 Things Holding Your Site Back

Are you the proud owner of a website? If so, you want to make sure your site is always doing well and helping you reach whatever goals you’ve set. However, there are many instances where your site might be underperforming. But, what’s holding it back? Check out these three things to find out:

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Global Comparison: Free and Premium Templates by TemplateMonster

You are probably an experienced user already and have seen various websites. Let’s be honest, as not many of them seem to be professional and trustworthy. At the certain point people face the choice between free and premium templates. It can be vital and crucial decision for the future website. That is why, many people […]

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Hire a Web Designer or Do It Yourself?

Almost every small business has the same idea: ‘I don’t need to pay for web design because I can do it myself.’ The light bulb then goes off and you proceed to design a website alone without professional help. Great, you have been proactive and saved money in the process. That’s a win, right? Wrong, […]

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Warning Signs Of A Poor Quality Web Design Agency

Whether you own or work for a web design agency, or are looking to hire one, it is essential to understand some of the things that point towards a poor performer. It will help you avoid hiring one of the many cowboy web designers that are out there, and will also help you understand some […]

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Web Design Trends in 2017 To Watch For

Trends are simple chances that happen in a range of different fields across different creative industries. Usually, trends emerge from experimentation and innovation, and they represent one of the biggest things that any marketer or web developer needs to be aware of if they want to stay ahead of the creation game. The web is […]

Monstroid 2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Meet Monstroid 2 Theme and Bestselling Flagships of 2016

2016 was truly the year of great achievements in web design area. Multipurpose templates really hit the market and became a real trend. And it is not surprising. Multipurpose themes offer a universal solution to multiple problems. Being highly flexible and pre-packed with all viable features they can be easily adjusted to any project you […]

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Top 10 best free joomla templates 2016

Looking for a free Joomla template? Well you are in the right place! Actually, there are a lot of choices of free joomla templates available out there but finding a perfect one might be a tough job. Most of them are just ordinary or offered with less features. Today web has spread to mobiles, tablets, […]

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4 Crucial Things For Effectively Running Your Web Design Business From Home

You have the skills, experience and knowledge to become a successful website designer; the only problem is that you can’t afford to rent out an office space. Don’t let the fact that your finances won’t stretch as far as renting out an office put you off of achieving your dreams. If you are ready to […]


Step Up Your SEO Game With This Expert Advice

When it comes to SEO, most businesses need to up their game. It’s a tricky subject area and one that many need to explore further. The problem is that the SEO game is changing all the time. Site builders are finding novel ways to improve their search engine rankings. And then the search engines are […]