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Expert Tips For Creating Attractive Business Cards

Designing attractive business cards could help your company in many different ways. Initially, they could contribute towards impressing clients and winning contracts. They could also help your brand to seem more professional when you attend networking events. However, business cards will also act as a point of reference for people who need to contact you regularly. Most associates will keep them in their wallet or desk and use the information when they have a reason to get in touch. So, it’s vital that your cards are durable and straightforward at the same time. The advice on this page should help all readers to get it right first time around.

Use light card colours

Printers around the country offer many different types of card that you could select. Most also allow customers to choose from a broad range of different colours. You need to make sure your cards are easy to read. So, it’s sensible to use white and other light shades in most instances. That should mean it’s easy to read any text added to the product. Dark colours often mean you have to use white lettering, and that can create headaches – quite literally! Do yourself a favour and don’t try to make anything too fancy. That strategy usually backfires.

Select premium quality materials

As we’ve just mentioned, printing firms offer an array of different card types. It’s usually best to avoid their budget option unless you don’t have much cash to spend. For only a couple of pounds more, it’s possible to get something much better. High-quality materials will last longer, and that means people are more likely to keep them. Also, it helps to highlight that you’re running a professional and trustworthy organisation. There are even some plastic covered solutions available that could stay in good condition for years. Just shop around.

Avoid small lettering

Design boffins from GH Cityprint hammer this point home to their customers all the time. Small lettering is hard to read, and it causes people to squint. While you might want to print a lot of information on your business card, that’s not a wise move. At most, your cards should feature the company logo and contact information. You could also include your name and job title, but that’s it. People don’t use business cards to explain the nature of their organisation or promote products. Keep images down to a minimum, and only print the bare essentials.

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You should now have a good idea of getting good results from business cards. Of course, the best technique often involves outsourcing the entire process. That would help to save time and money. The advice could also result in better outcomes. Find a reliable printer in your local area today and obtain some quotes. You might be surprised to learn how cheap professional solutions have become these days. In most instances, you can complete the entire task for small change – including the design work.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you use the tips on this page to your advantage. After all, that’s why I compiled them for you today.

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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