How To Get Creative With Your Business Branding

How To Get Creative With Your Business Branding

Here at Design Sparkle, it’s our job to give your business a personality. Design is all about creating a unique character for your company through branding. Of course, it must also be functional and simple. First-and-foremost, design is about practicality and usability. But, the best designers take things to the next level. They think beyond functionality, and create a whole brand identity around your business. That’s what separates an average designer from a truly great designer. Here are just some of the places you can get creative with your design and branding.

Business Branding – How To Get Creative

How To Get Creative With Your Business Branding

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Logo – Your business logo is the heart of your brand identity. Think about the biggest companies in the world. You instantly recognize their logo. Apple’s iconic apple. Coca-Cola’s trademark font. Nike’s irreplaceable tick. Your logo is a great place to start your creative branding ideas. Start by deciding what the core ethos of your company is. Distill your business into a just one or two key adjectives. How do you want the business to be perceived? Now, you can begin to create a logo that matches and embodies this ethos.

Website – There is a lot of debate in the design world about how a website should function. As we said in the introduction, your website must be functional and practical. Above all else, it must deliver an exceptional user experience. It should be easy to navigate, and simple to use. But, why stop there? Why not experiment and get a little creative. Bring a smile to your user’s face with creative and unique branding designs. Use parallax scrolling to tell a story. Use moving images and creative fonts.

Business cards – In this day-and-age, some people think business cards are useless. After all, everything is online. Websites are the new business cards, right? Well, not exactly. If you’re at a networking event, it still makes a lot of sense to hand people a business card. Or perhaps you meet a potential client by chance. You need something physical to give them. A business card is a small way of getting really creative. We’ve seen some wonderful ideas that complement the brand, and there are no rules here.

Stickers and promotional material – Much like business cards, many still think that offline marketing is dead. Unfortunately, we don’t agree. In the right places, posters, stickers, and promotional material still have a big impact. Plus, it’s an excuse to get super creative. Use your imagination, and come up with new ways of capturing people’s attention.

Voice – This isn’t strictly a design element, as such, but it’s still a crucial part of your branding. It should be considered as part of your overall discussions about design and brand. A unique tone of voice that comes through your website, socials, and advertising can have a powerful impact. Think about the quirky tone of Innocent Smoothies or the motivational tone of Nike and Adidas. They’re a key part of the brand! What’s yours?

Business branding is a wonderful way to get creative. Remember, your branding should be authentic and true to yourself. It must also be unique. Where would you start?

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.
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