How To Build The Perfect Web Site For Your Brand

Websites are a huge part of business in the twenty-first century. It isn’t too far to say that a good site could be the difference between success and failure for your company. That is how important they have become, and how important they are today.

As the business who wants a website, you are probably not going to be the one creating the site. That is fine because you are better off leaving to the professionals. After all, they have the skill and the knowledge to get the job done. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should give them carte blanche to do whatever they please. A great website needs your input because only you know what is best for your business.

Think of the designers as, well, as designers! You are the man behind the mask, which means you need to come prepared. Here are a few things to remember that will make the process run smoothly.



Know What Everyone Wants

You want to finish the site quickly and as effectively as possible. The architect wants to make sure the site makes conversions. And account managers want something they can sell. The key thing to take from this is that everyone has different goals. And, everyone has an equal say in the process. Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean you should get what you want at the expense of the others. A great site incorporates as many aspects as possible to produce perfection. Understanding that you all have an agenda can make you more thoughtful to their plight. Hopefully, that should reflect in the final result.

Forget The Design Proposal

In effect, a design proposal is like someone coming into your office and telling you how to do your job. You wouldn’t like that, so don’t do it to your web designers. One reason that you are hiring their services is because you want their expertise in web design. ‘But, how do I make sure they hit the essence of the company?’ You do that by outlining your business goals and your target audience/s. Top agencies should be able to figure out a design structure from a brief business outline.


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Show Them Your Branding Accessories

Whatever you do, don’t forget about your business’s branding elements. Branding elements or accessories are logos or style guides or even certain colors that are synonymous with your brand. There is no way that they will know that without you making them aware in the first place. Okay, they could do some research and find that out without your help. But, why would you take the risk? You are both in this agreement together, so you should help each other as much as possible. Web sites are branding tools, which is one reason to add your branding elements.

Build Your Site, Not Someone Else’s

The biggest mistake that you are bound to make is copying a rival’s style. Please try your hardest not to copy the strategy word for word. For starters, it is unoriginal and plagiarism, which isn’t cool. But more importantly, it is harmful to your business or your message. What if the site has nothing to do with what your brand? All you are doing is promoting a site that doesn’t add any value to your customer base. And, that will affect your sales, conversion rate and profit margins. Here’s a quick example. A church website needs to focus on what makes that church appealing. The elements of an effective church website are far different from the elements of an effective manufacturing site. Keep that in mind during the building process.

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Ask For A Logic Model

A ‘logic model’ is just jargon for a preview of the site during the building process. Don’t leave it until the very last minute, though, because that might be too late. Instead, ask for regular updates on a daily or weekly basis. That way, you can see how the site is coming together and if you want to make any changes that could help. Also, you can see how the format links the entire site into one. With an active model, you might spot how to link smaller features with bigger features, or vice versa. Some design firms don’t offer logic models, but most good firms will provide you one as part of their service.

Be Open To New Ideas

You are not the expert, yet you will have your opinions. Obviously, your opinions are important because you are the client. Still, the opinions of the agency’s staff are also important because they are the experts. A good way to start the process is to sit down and ask everyone for ideas. You might get them to pitch you their ideas, and then you pitch them yours. If you prefer an idea from their side, run with it. The bigger the source of ideas, the more chance of coming up with the best one. This method is ‘the wisdom of crowds’ and it is a legitimate technique.

Communicate Effectively

Building the perfect web site involves many different features. And that means you will be working with lots of people. Working with more than a handful of people can be distracting just from the sheer volume of workers. Also, it can be hard to communicate. You might not know which person you need to ask for what task because it is impossible to remember what they all do! The trick is to get organized. If you can keep up to date with everyone and their jobs, there is no problem. However, if you can’t, deal with the person in charge. Then, they can pass the word down the chain.

Treat Them As Equals

You are a team, so act like a team. The designers are on your side, and they want to help. If you’re too demanding or too harsh, they will come to hate you. The result could be bad for your site and your business.

The best way to work together is always with compromise and cooperation.

My name is Sarah Sparkle, a Web and Graphic designer. I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design.

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