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The 4 Best Ways to Learn Programming in 2017

Computer programming or coding might as well be hieroglyphics to most of us. However, with the growing need to understand computers and write software, being able to code is becoming a more important and sought after skill. The demand for it has also made it a well-paid skill to have. Combined with enough creativity, you can go on to write websites, create apps, create software and produce video games and CGI movies. If you’re eager to learn programming, here are some ways that you can ease yourself in.

learn programming

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Take a course

For those that struggle with self-teaching, a course is always the easiest option. This will eliminate a lot of the trial and error and patience testing that comes with coding. There are so many different options here from business courses to weekly hobbyist workshops to private tutorship to educational courses such as A Levels and Degrees. Choose the style of learning that best suits your purpose – courses may focus on specific coding languages or specific aspects of coding such as web development and app development.

Buy a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized mini-computer developed specifically to teach people the basics of hardware and software. As The Pi Hut showcases, there are various different types all of which are very cheap. By stripping the PC back to its bare basics, the mini-computer offers an accessible route into computing. The device is also compatible with almost every language imaginable from JavaScript to Python.

Try Scratch

Scratch is a computer language designed to ease people into coding. It’s designed primarily for kids with lots of pretty visuals and very basic task, but if user-friendly is what you are after – Scratch will do the job. Whilst you’d never write a program using Scratch, it does set you up to learn other languages more easily.

Experiment with desktop scripting

Using desktop scripting programs such as AutoHotkey with Windows or Automator with Mac is a great way of getting your brain into the zone of coding. Whilst these forms of coding are for high-level scripting, they can help ease you into the basics like Scratch. Using these scripting programs you will be able to rewrite functions on your computer such as creating keyboard shortcuts for programs.

Don’t be monolingual

The most difficult choice when beginning coding is which language to learn? Realistically, it doesn’t matter. Focus on learning one and others will swiftly follow. Like learning a foreign language, once you’ve done it once other languages become easier to learn. Of course, you shouldn’t initially try to learn multiple computing languages at once unless you want to fry your brain. Take things slowly – focusing on mastering the basics of one language and then start spreading out to others. Don’t feel that whatever language you choose at first you will be confined to forever after. You may decide you like Python more than Java, having mastered the latter and then find yourself adopting Python more often.

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