benefits of sip trunking

8 Benefits of SIP Trunking for Businesses

SIP trunking is the use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to set up communication over the Internet between the customer location and the ITSP (Internet telephony service provider), which transfers SIP calls to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Unlike in the traditional telephony, which involved bundles of physical wires being delivered from a service provider to the business, SIP trunking is a logical and smart connection from 1 point to another via the public Internet. In other words, SIP trunking connects businesses directly to the PSTN via IP or broadband.Here are some of the benefits of implementing SIP trunking in your business:

benefits of sip trunking

1. Cost Savings

When you add SIP trunk to a high quality PBX service you’ll drastically help reduce various expenses. First you’ll eliminate the monthly charges from the service provider. Second, with SIP trunking, every call basically becomes local, therefore the long distance calling cost will be slashed. You will also save some cash by paying for one service for all of the communications, instead of having a separate data and voice plan.

2. Easier Maintenance

Since SIP trunking is virtual rather than physical, maintenance is much easier. While the old trunks may require relatively expensive installation of the circuits and the termination points, the SIP trunks are very easy to adjust; they simply require you to change the software configuration. SIP trunking will also save you time since there is no need to spend days (or even weeks), talking with the technicians every single time you need a new line installed.

3. Reliability

SIP trunks are extremely stable. Since they’re virtual lines, they aren’t susceptible to the local power outages which are caused by equipment failure or weather events. Instead of being at the mercy of such occurrences which cause power outages, SIP trunking can be automatically rerouted to other mobile phones, offices, or virtually anywhere; based on your particular business rules.

In other words, the technology allows calls to get rerouted to pre-determined locations in case the primary location happens to go offline for whatever reason(s). Considering even a just few mins of downtime can cost you lots of money, business continuity and reliability is a major business benefit of SIP trunking.

4. User Experience

SIP trunking generally creates an easy to use communications interface for employee users and IT managers. For your clients/customers who are small-to-medium sized businesses, a wholesale SIP trunk can be a very efficient way for scaling quickly without incurring big capital expenses.

5. Flexibility

SIP trunking offers you flexibility by allowing you to route many/multiple calls from the already existing local numbers (anywhere in the world), to any international or national number within your business at just the same cost. For example, a call to a Boston number can be answered in Hong Kong.

6. Unified Communications

SIP trunking is perfect at enabling UC (unified communications) strategies. If you wish to combine your varied communications needs into a single and easily manageable strategy, SIP trunking is the ideal solution.

SIP trunking will allow you to control multiple numbers or a unique ID regardless of which device you are using, or which network you’re connected to. With SIP trunking, your phone systems talk directly to public network.

SIP trunking is also a great option if you’re considering making a move to the cloud; it provides a gateway to creating IP based UC system which brings together data, voice, presence, Instant Messaging, and application sharing.

7. Resilience

When it comes to business, being resilient means being always prepared for any kind of eventuality, and also having in place proper disaster recovery plan, or back up facilities. SIP trunking can be quite essential in this kind of planning.

With SIP trunking, it’s very easy to divert or move fixed lines wherever you wish them to go, without the expensive call forwarding cost. The calls can be diverted instantaneously, which means your business operations will not be affected in case of a disaster; with the other services, you may have to wait for about 24 hours or even more, for the call diversions to work.

8. Increased Productivity and Mobility

SIP trunking enables enhanced collaboration of the workforce by seamlessly connecting the various offices, and the mobile workers. SIP trunking also helps tie together the mobile devices and the mobile workers by enabling blend of the premise and the cloud based services.

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