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6 Easy Ways to Look After Your Business Assets

When you start a business, the first thing on your mind will be your investment. How much money are you going to spend? What kind of things are you going to need to buy? How many computers do you need? What do you pay your staff? It’s all about the money—and with good reason. A business exists to turn your money into more money. You can argue that it’s also about passion and doing something for your community, but at the end of the day, you can’t start a business without money.

business assets

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Even if you calculate your investments perfectly, there are going to be times when something breaks, needs a repair or could be stolen, putting a large dent in your business’s wallet. Depending on what is stolen, you could end up losing a considerable chunk of your profit just because an employee spilt coffee over an important piece of machinery or you forgot to lock the door when you left the premises and invited thieves in.

If you want to protect your business assets and investments, then you’d be wise to read up on the following points.

1. Warranty

Any successful tech startup will tell you that your best friend is the warranty on your devices. Always make sure you register for warranty if you have to and keep a list of contact numbers for all the manufacturers of your devices. When something is broken or is acting strange, contact the manufacturer and have them send someone over or request for a replacement. Sometimes your devices just show wear and tear and there might not be anything wrong with them, but it’s never a bad idea to check.

2. Track

If you have portable devices like laptops, phones and tablets that you hand out to your employees, then keeping track of where they are is never a bad idea. You can learn how to track a cell phone with relative ease by using apps and GPS trackers.

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3. Protect

Drop cases for mobile phones, bags and cases for laptops, dust filters to prevent grime build-up, and padlocks to your business are all extremely important. Protect your assets if you want them to last long.

4. Monitor

If your business doesn’t have CCTV surrounding the premises and looking over important parts of your store, then you’re asking to be burgled. CCTV cameras can link to each other via your own WiFi connection so you can monitor them through a phone, or you can hook them up to security systems that alert local authorities.

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5. Learn

If you don’t know how to use a device, then taking a day or two to study the manual is going to be worth your time and money. There’s a saying in the world of business: RTFM.

6. Insure

If you’re going to be spending lots of money on expensive equipment and furniture for your business, then you can afford to spend a little extra to insure those items so that you don’t lose them to a fire or a similar accident.



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