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6 Creative Advertisement Ideas to Inspire You

Advertisements are boring, bland and uninspired. Think about the last memorable creative advertisement you’ve seen and you’ll probably draw a blank. Marketing is dominated by minimalistic designs, basic shapes, clashing colour schemes and cliched wording. Break away from the drab designs and spice up your marketing campaign with some of these unique and colourful ideas.

creative advertisement

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Eye-Catching Design

If your website is struggling to generate traffic then perhaps it’s because your web page is boring. Viewers don’t like to see huge walls of text, eye-gouging colours or ant-sized fonts. They like to see big, beautiful and colourful shapes and designs. Minimalistic design is clean and easy on the eyes, but it’s overused and dull by today’s standards.

Use some unique colours, eye-catching artwork and surprising messages that leave an impression on your viewers. The more shocking and inspiring the messages are, the more likely your viewers will stay to read what you have to say as opposed to fleeing in horror. Grab your reader’s attention by making loud statements like “Stop!” or make them ponder with taglines such as  “Do You Really?”.

Cheerful Shapes

Advertisements don’t have to be static and boring. Think shapes! If you’re operating an estate agent, then stop using boring A5 sized leaflets with too much text on them and create some Shaped Estate Agent Leaflets that look like homes or doors. Selling food out of a fast food truck? Make some hotdog shaped flyers and menus for your customers to share. People will remember your brand if you do something out of the ordinary, so get creative!

Shock Factor

Place big and bold statements in your advertisements to grab your reader’s attention. Things like “Are You Stupid?” or “HEY YOU!” stand out and scream for the attention of your potential customers. Flesh them out with large fonts that are easy to read and place them on a contrasting background so they appear to pop out from the media they’re on.

Sex Sells

It’s an old cliche that still manages to catch people’s attention. You don’t want to have half-naked men and women advertising something like office supplies (although that would probably work regardless) but you can use innuendos to create funny and humorous advertisements that are memorable.


creative advertisement

Real Life Comparisons

Your customers won’t take your advertisement seriously until you show them how or why it relates to them. If you’re selling delicious healthy food, then place a large picture of your food and compare it to fast food. Add in a slogan such as “This Heals You” on top of your healthy meal and “This Kills You” on the fast food image. It’s both shocking, eye-catching, and your customers can relate to it in a real-life situation.

Jingle All the Way

Some of the most memorable advertisements in the past came with ridiculous or annoying tunes that we couldn’t stop humming. If you’re doing a radio or television advertisement then consider hiring a professional producer to create a wonderfully annoying song to match your product. Whether it’s a singing choir or just an electronic beat, the possibilities are endless.

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