30 Best Business Bootstrap Themes 2016

These days, among countless endeavors, enterprises and entrepreneurships, your business needs an advantage, a certain edge to it, to get really successful — a pre-built template powered website could be such advantage. There’s a lot of great reasons to go this route. Especially, if you end up with a business bootstrap theme that’ll work its magic on your website. Today, we present you 30 beautiful themes for a modern, forward-thinking business website.

What’s in it for you? Firstly, all the advantages that Bootstrap gets you. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that was built with web standards and simplicity in mind from the get go. It’s a tool for powering up your website’s design with latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. With Bootstrap, it’s easy to change up types, forms, buttons and other UI elements. The tool was created at Twitter to help people make fast, responsive, clean websites. Oh, and the responsiveness of Bootstrap is one of the main attractive points — your website will never look awkward on a phone’s screen again.

Bootstrap is great, but to utilize its full potential, you’d better choose a great pre-built Bootstrap business theme. Want to know what’s the point to do so? It’s easy: instead of spending a few sleepless weeks or paying a designer to make everything work just as you’d like, you get a cheap, business-ready solution that you can start using right away.

A Bootstrap ready-made business template is a great option if you’re only launching your website or if you want to revamp your existing one. You pay once, usually something very affordable, more or less a hundred bucks, and an hour later you get a working website that looks great and feels even better. These days, a pre-built business theme with Bootstrap means that your site is well-animated, interactive, it capitalizes on rich color palettes and it’s responsive. That last bit is really important, so don’t miss out. In the world with a billion sold iPhones, where practically every human being who’s on the internet also browses on their phone, it’s a suicide to launch an unresponsive website. That way, you get an awkward desktop-like website boxed in a small screen. It will look unprofessional and uncool, and it’s a nightmare to use. Instead, choose responsiveness: a design approach that means your website will scale up to any screen size there is, without losing design continuity.

With Bootstrap business ready-made templates, your new website supports all the latest web standards, swears by the most fashionable trends of this season and works like a charm. And if it doesn’t, there’s always a 24/7 support team ready to help you with your every question. Sounds good? Here’s another tip: go with a respected pre-built themes provider to be sure that the service is worth your money. For this article we’re using themes provided by TemplateMonster, one of the biggest theme providers on the internet. So (boot)strap yourselves in, and let’s go!

A Sleek Bootstrap Business Template

A clean, sleek and powerful Bootstrap theme, Intense is one of the biggest templates of this summer, so don’t miss out. It was created by a highly professional design team that prioritized quality and user-friendliness over everything else. Intense is an unforgettable experience that will look great on any business website.

best business bootstrap themes 2016

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A Powerful Business Bootstrap Theme

A crisp theme that will suit any business website, this one is a trendy choice. Pay attention to the color rhyme on the main page: green serves as an interaction highlighter, which will make it easy for your clients to find points of interest on your website.

Multipurpose Bootstrap Website Template

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A Reliable Bootstrap Business Layout

If you want something a bit different, by you don’t want to stray too far away from a professional look, consider using the Financial Vision Bootstrap business template. Its grid, with the top part of the website divided into two uneven parts, with a tagline on the left, is really nice-looking, without unnecessary details. It’s more of a page from a trendy magazine than a website, and that’s why it looks so good.

Best Bootstrap Website Templates 2016

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A Fast Bootstrap Business Template

A perfect choice for a website that wants to look hip and cool would be the Moderno Bootstrap template. With its grid-based, colorful rectangles approach, it’s both bright and memorable, an easy-to-use and easier-to-love website. And its main page is able to stuff a lot of useful information, so it’s not like you choose between beauty and density.

Marketing Agency Responsive Website Template

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A Multipurpose Bootstrap Business Theme

This Bootstrap template proves once and for all that a great responsive design could do wonders for your business. Just look at how the buttons look on the desktop version compared to the mobile. They are the same, but different, a visual rhyme, consistency and continuity is notable, but each screen size demands its own approach.

Medical Multipurpose Website Template

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A Beautiful Bootstrap Business Template

In the high-density world of the internet, it’s not easy to stay afloat in the stream of information the is the modern web. Help your clients not get lost by utilizing modern minimalism trends with the Buzarco Bootstrap template. There’s not much going on on the main page, but each element is essential: clean sections, functional button and a top menu, all on a white background with bright strokes of light red is a great design for people of all ages.

Business Bootstrap Website Template

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A Useful Bootstrap Business Layout

A brightly colored, full-fledged template that will work great if you want to build an explanatory website, telling the world about your company. With Bootstrap it will look very nice on all devices, from a desktop PC to Macbook’s Retina screen, to a small screen of a phone.

best business bootstrap templates 2016

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A Classy Bootstrap Business Theme

Swift is a Bootstrap-powered business design that was created with approachability and user-friendliness in mind. Its main page is a clean and clear presentation of the main points about your company.

Business Responsive Website Templates

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A Sophisticated Bootstrap Business Template

If you want your main page to pack as much useful information as possible, but stay readable, this Bootstrap template may become your choice. It has various blocks of information, clearly divided into various sections. Also, do pay attention at the elegant way the phone number and location are placed in the header.

Consulting Responsive Website Template

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A Simple Bootstrap Business Layout

This ready-made theme will look good on any device and it will suit practically every professional business. The main page here is divided into an uneven grid, which provides for a memorable, imaginative design your audience will definitely enjoy.

Business Responsive Website Template

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A Bold Bootstrap Business Theme

Your image is everything that matters these days on the internet. Present yourself in a beautiful way with this Bootstrap theme. Pay attention to the menu just under the hero picture in the top part of the website: the clean, numbered sections provide a great way to interact with your website.

best business website templates 2016

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A Glorious Bootstrap Business Template

Creating an online hub for your company may be one of the best ways to attract new clients and make the life of your existing ones easier. Check out the FinExpert Bootstrap pre-built template to give yourself an idea how it might look.

Financial Advisor Website Template

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An Astonishing Bootstrap Business Layout

If you’re thinking about launching a job board website, first things first: thanks for making the lives of unemployed individuals easier. Just remember that when you lose hours to the job hunt, you want the experience of finding your next position to be as smooth as possible. With this Bootstrap template, it’s going to be as great an experience as one can imagine.

Job Board Website Template

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A Cool Bootstrap Business Theme

For a personalized, more presentable website, choose a pre-built template which allows you to tell as much about your company as possible right there on the main page. With clearly color-coded sections, a header with an image slider and mission statement tagline right there on the picture at the top, this theme is not an easy one to forget.

Consulting Website Template

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A Perfect Bootstrap Business Template

A clean, easy on the eyes template. Pay attention to the smart usage of text here. The main tagline, done in two different colors is placed right on the slightly faded picture on top of the main page. Then the colors are repeated throughout the design. This makes for an elegant, balanced look.

best bootstrap webstie templates 2016

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A Fashionable Bootstrap Business Layout

This theme is one of the best examples of what a minimalism can do for your website. Bold black typography with touches of red looks amazing on a clean white background. If you want to tell your clients that you know what you’re doing, the IT solutions Bootstrap business theme will be a great choice.

IT Solutions Website Template

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A Smart Bootstrap Business Theme

Another variation of the Intense template is a stunning looker which will do wonders for your online presence. Its huge image placed on the top of the main page looks perfect on any device. Below you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions and colored sections which will make it easy for your clients to browse your website.

Financial Advisor Website Template

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A Gorgeous Bootstrap Business Template

A crisp modern design that is both simple and truly memorable. One of the best parts of this Bootstrap template is its icons, which make for a great way to quickly relay your audience where they should pay attention.

Finance Company Website Template

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A Fabulous Bootstrap Business Layout

If you want something a bit different and maybe with a personal touch, the Finadvision template will be a great choice for you. It has a cool-looking about section and a separate testimonials section, which is a great way to tell your clients about your firm.

Financial Advisor Web Template

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A Trendy Bootstrap Business Theme

If you think about it, there’s not much to a great-looking Bootstrap template. Bold colors, crisp typography, a well-animated image slider and general structure that is easy to follow. The Explore template has it all.

Business Responsive Website Templates

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A Booming Bootstrap Business Template

Speaking about easy-to-follow structures, pay attention to the grid of the Inlake Bootstrap business theme. It’s a different approach to design, which is a great way to stand out in the crowded space that is today’s internet.

Business Responsive Website Template

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A New Bootstrap Business Layout

Picking two colors which go nice with each other is a sure way to build a memorable, pleasant design. The Haber Bootstrap template was created around that idea, with its dark gray and orange complimenting each other really sublimely.

business bootstrap theme

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A Brave Bootstrap Business Theme

No matter how small or big your company is, it’s always a great idea to tell a bit more about the people behind it. This Bootstrap business template puts a team section right in the middle of the main page, where it’s bound to catch attention. If you want your customers to understand, that there are professionals behind every task you do, think about choosing this one.

best bootstrap business templates 2016

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A Good-Looking Bootstrap Business Template

A great way to inspire your clients is to choose a simple, but very informative Bootstrap template. The Ariosto pre-built theme packs a lot of useful information in a very cohesive structure. It will certainly do wonders for your business.

best responsive website templates 2016

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A Marvelous Bootstrap Business Layout

If you’re making a website for rent business, pay attention to this one. Its structure is very precise. There’s an attention-grabbing search field right on the top of the main page, and simple instructions in the middle. Then comes the section with offers: crisp pictures and bright buttons will do the job for you.

Best Responsive Website Templates 2016

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A Mobile Bootstrap Business Theme

Not only does this template manages to provide all the necessary information your client may seek, it does so in a beautiful way. And it looks absolutely astonishing on a mobile phone: these days, people often do business on the go, so mobile-first approach of this responsive Bootstrap template will not go unappreciated.

top business bootstrap themes 2016

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A User-Friendly Bootstrap Business Template

Pay attention to the usage of various colors on this pre-built theme. Green, black and white are combined in a visually pleasing way, which makes for a memorable and clean website.

Bank Responsive Website Template

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A Riveting Bootstrap Business Theme

This theme is a very inspired choice for any business. It will help you attract more clients by implementing a cohesive, fully-fledged structure, where every bit of essential information is presented in a user-friendly way.

Business Responsive Website Template

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An Exquisite Bootstrap Business Layout

This is a fun template geared towards businesses that deal in stock markets. Its best part is the middle section of the main page, where four boxes present the main parts of your website.

Business Website Template

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A Forward-Thinking Bootstrap Business Theme

Aspiration could be a powerful force to engage your clients. The Paladium Bootstrap template is an example of great minimal design, but with its clean look, crisp images and nicely animated buttons it also looks very fashionable. A great choice if you want your website to look both professional and stylish.

Web Development Responsive Website Template

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